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If Dapeng is not the ghost of imagination,That call made another unnecessary move,Because Zhu Lei is in danger,The brothers close by are very clear,But each has its own things to do,Why do you want to blame Wogua meaninglessly??

and also,The main purpose of the other party tracking is for Zhu Lei’s family and an unknown object,Otherwise, they won’t let go,So what is this object?Zhu Lei is so careful not to even let me know?of course,It’s also possible that Wogua didn’t tell the truth。
At last,The whole process of the incident is a unilateral oral statement by Wogua,Unbelievable,Can’t believe it all。Like Zhu Lei’s family,The walking god knows it,A bit weird,As for Wogua,,Super 8 Hotel has only one main entrance and no other entrances,Because I haven’t seen it on the spot,Can’t be sure。
“When escaping,How many shots did you fire in total?”Li Tianzhi asked。
“Uh,Can’t remember,About three or four shots?”
“Can you show me your pistol?Ha ha,Do not mind,I didn’t mean to offend you。”
In this restaurant?Look around in embarrassment,Although it is a private room,It doesn’t seem appropriate?of course,He just thought so,But seeing Li Tianzhen’s persistent attitude,Still took out a pistol from his arms。
This is also a handful*,Judging from the wear of the grip, it is almost scrapped.,although*Less ammunition,But it is very lethal,Gangsters and desperadoes in the society like to use it。
Li Tianzhen quickly disassembled the pistol into parts,Smell the gun barrel again,There is indeed the smell of the poison that just aroused,*There are only two bullets left in it。So calmly and quickly assembled the pistol and returned it to Wogua,The other person is dazzled。
“no problem。You said you were familiar with the figure behind when you were escaping,Now that I think of it, who might it be??”Li Tianzhen raised the second question。
Wogua’s expression is obviously entangled in the process of struggle,After hesitating for a long time, he hesitated to say it,“he……Very like,Very like Dapeng。”
This answer stunned Li Tianzhen and Shin Yingjie.,A vague line popped out of my head,If Wogua’s suspicion is true,Dapeng is the mastermind of this tracking and interception,Whether the target is Zhu Lei’s family or that unknown object,He has already betrayed Zhu Lei,And he has already understood Zhu Lei’s backhand arrangements。
So what is the connection between this person and Zhu Lei and the others who got into the trap of the villa in Aberdeen Bay??This should be a question that can be dig deep。And Li Tianzhu felt that the name Dapeng became more and more prominent,Another extremely important person is Peng Weihua, who has disappeared,Not only him,Even bed bugs have suddenly evaporated from the world。
“Should we go back to the Super 8 Hotel in Nanqi County to take a look?”Shen Yingjie is also thinking hard,Actually because of Liu Qiang,She has more clues than Li Tianzhi,Zhu Lei has three cronies,Except for the wogua in front of me,Dapeng and Afei,But now ALFY’s whereabouts are unknown,And Wogua never mentioned this person,Why is that?She feels that Wogua’s words are not credible。
“No need to。”Li Tianzhen shook his head in denial,“The most urgent thing is to find two people right away,Dapeng and Peng Weihua,Any one can bring valuable clues。”
“No clues and resources,Finding a needle in a haystack。”
“Division of work,Please help me and see what clues Peng Weihua has,Wogua and I go to Dapeng。”Li Tianzhen is unmoved。
“Sleepy,Find a place to rest。”Shen Yingjie no longer insists。
The three randomly found a quick hotel nearby,Li Tianzhi and Wogua share a room,Shen Yingjie has a single room,Speechless night。