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Looking at Li Hui, squatting at your feet,Hold your own feet,Then at the heart of the wing,This moment,She thought a lot。

“Little plum,How many secrets do you have??”
Chapter 1135 is used to tear
I heard Han Shanshan’s title,Li Hui Feng knows that the other party is no longer so angry.。
The heart is also long and relieved.。
“What kind of secret wants to know what kind of secret?
After all, there is a lot of secrets on my body.。”
“I want to know all,For example, your means of treatment。”
Looking at toenails that have been restored to the beginning,Han Shanshan is still a little dare not believe that all this is really。
But the truth is posing,I can’t believe it.。
“This.,by coincidence,It is also my biggest secret,In fact, I feel that I am not ordinary.。”
So, who are you?”
Han Shanshan listened to Li with the wind, some speechless。
“I should be people who can be called Xiuxian,And I should now be a bottleneck。
I don’t know when the next breakthrough is.。”
“Then do you have any means of common people??”
Although Li speaks from the wind, Han Shanshan is not very believed.,But I think that Li Hui is treated to her treatment.。
She still believes that the other party is once。
“Have a lot,For example, the kind of tea that you drink before,In fact, the spiritual power in my body also has the same effect.。”
“For example, I should have a explosive force of 10,000 pounds now.,even more。”
“And I should be able to take a bomb。”
Li Hui is the same,Han Shanshan was shocked。
Han Shanshan is also suddenly understood,Li Ping’s so-called ultraordinary people should just be on the body。
“Are you so powerful when you are in high school??”
“no,It is the university being persuaded.。”
Li Hui Feng has not hidden for this matter.。
After all, he feels that Han Shanshan doesn’t have to keep any secret.。
He believes that the other party will definitely keep secrets。
Han Shanshan listened to it,It is also a long exhaled。
“alright,Too many secrets, I don’t ask.,I will go back and rest first.,You also go to the mountain early.!”
“Forehead,The big squad leader is not angry.”Li Hui Feng feels some inexplicable。
Before the prior to Han Shanshan, there is still a very angry.,It is not angry now.。
“angry,How can it be angry?,But there is no time to start.,And think about what you said,Zhao Xiaoli is not easy。”
“okay,I have to sleep.,There are still many things in the Tiandian factory, I need to go busy.。”
Han Shanshan who is not returned to the head,Li Hui Feng hesitated,It’s also going back.。
Inside the second floor,Han Shanshan also saw the back of the gradually far away。
Some of the heart is somewhat uncomfortable。
However, when Li Hui said that he is the moment of cultivation.,She understands,How many women are there anymore by Li Hui,It should be impressed by each other.。