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“breeze,The scorpion is somewhat drunk.,I want to find a place.。”

Seeing Zhao Xiaoli’s gets a little shaking,Li Hui is also a glimpse。
“Scull,Don’t you drink a pound??”
“Yup,The scorpion is more than two pounds today.。”
Zhao Xiaoli shakes the beer can in his hand.,I am a little blurred in my eyes.。
Li Hui Feng this moment also understands it.。
“Scull,What you said is a pound of beer.?
Not white wine?”
“Yup,Beer one pound,White wine can also be a pound,But can drink a pound when it is blowing cowhide.。”
“Ok,Then I will help you first.。”
Originally Li Hui Hui still thought it was finished,Zhao Xiaoli will ride directly to the electric car back。
Seeing the other side this supporting the table,Li Hui Feng knows that his idea is still an idea。
I immediately walked forward,Gently hold the opponent’s arms and go to the house。
Zhao Xiaoli saw that Li Hui Feng came over to help himself,The heart is also warm,At the same time, the mouth is also raised.,But soon continue to drunk。
“breeze,子 is not drunk,The scorpion can still drink again。”
When I said this,Zhao Xiaoli earned Li with the wind holding her arms,Then swaying into the arms of Li Hui。
Li Hui also rushed to the other side shoulder,Let the other party get up。
Originally, the scenery at the neckline of the other party can’t blocked,This is as follows,Li Hui Feng instantly a list of mountains。
“Scull,Don’t make trouble,I will help you first.,Don’t move,I am holding you.!”
Li Hui Feng is afraid Zhao Xiaoli to do anything out.,If you don’t hesitate, you will go to your convenience.。
Go into the house,He is also gently putting the other party in bed.,Then ready to go out。
Just just turned, he was pulled by Zhao Xiaoli.。
“breeze,do not go,Hello to me.?”
Looking at the other side of the drunken eyes,Li Hui’s heart is also a soft。
“Scull,I went to push your electric car.,By the way, pack the dinner table,Don’t go,Not going。”
“Oh!Well,You must come over for a while,The scorpion also prepared a gift for you.!”
Say,Zhao Xiaoli is also directly released,Then picked up the eyes, I seem to be asleep.。
Li Hui also hit a thin blanket on each other.。
Then get up and go out and busy。
Listen to the window,Li Hui’s voice is running busy,Zhao Xiaoli is a little excited, and some of them are all sentimental.。
She is not drunk,Just want to create opportunities。
She feels the most opportunistic tonight.,But think of Liu Dafu,If you think that if you are with Li Hui, I’m really together.,I really want to like each other.,Her heart is incomparable contradiction。
Li Hui rushing to brush the bowlsware is already ten o’clock in the night.。
He is also gently walking into Zhao Xiaoli’s house.,I want to see if the other party has a blanket.,Don’t catch cold。
Just when he opened the bedroom door or,It is shocked.。
At the same time, he feels that there is a feeling of nosebleed.。
Chapter 113, the beauty of the night
“hot,Good hot!”
I don’t know when to,The blanket on Zhao Xiaoli has already been blocked.。
The maid dress on the body is directly torn by her.。