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Chen Xiu slapped his forehead,It was caused by An Nan directly,Actually treated Zhu Huiwei as a normal person。

“Sit firmly,My boat is very spicy,If you fall into the sea,I have no time to go back to catch you!”
“I haven’t experienced any big storms,How could it fall into the sea……”
Chen Xiu Niubi hasn’t finished yet,Zhu Huiwei is directly igniting,The engine roared,Propeller type high speed rotation,The airship rushed out,He is falling behind,I almost fell into the sea,Hurry up and grab the handrail in front。
Zhu Huiwei is really not bragging,It may be that he almost died at sea before,Specially learned to drive an airship,Driving the airship rushed past An Nan’s ship at high speed。
“Your grandma’s An Nan Sunspot,I’m Chen Xiu,Come after me!”Chen Xiu shouted。
“you speak Chinese,Can they understand!”Zhu Huiwei vomited。
“What can I say without speaking Chinese,As if you can speak An Nan!”
Zhu Huiwei really shouted out a bunch of An Nan words,The voice is much louder than Chen Xiu’s,It passed directly across the sea and clearly passed into An Nan’s ears。
“Are you really talking about An Nan or just talking nonsense!”
“nonsense,I stayed in An Nan for a hundred years,It’s more standard than the An Nan dialect spoken by their ancestors!”
There is really no way to compare the knowledge reserves with a zombie who has lived for more than 600 years!
Originally, the Annan people only sent two airships to chase,When I heard Zhu Huiwei’s call,Ten airships were chased out again。
On the sea for a while,Zhu Huiwei drove the airship and fled to the southwest,The twelve Annan airships are chasing。
“We should go north to Qiongdao!”
“you’re so dumb,An Nan must think so too,Will definitely arrange an ambush in the north,We drove directly to Annan,The encirclement and suppression here should be the weakest!”
Chen Xiu wanted to refute,But Zhu Huiwei’s analysis is thorough,So he can’t refute,Feel uncomfortable。