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Tianguang considered more things than Qin Feng thought,That’s why he is so sure。

Qin Feng has a clear understanding,This thing really can’t continue like that,But thought of this,He also said somewhat helplessly。
“What to do about this,Some of those fields are not handled properly,Also, Dachen Village hasn’t taken care of it,I don’t want to eat alone。”
But once our development is in full swing,Mess with us next door,You understand something like this。
Qin Feng is also very clear,Some people for profit,What kind of situation will that lead to。
After all, some local bigwigs,I would definitely like that all the villages are well developed,It is possible to lend the name of Qingshui Village to other places。
Everyone is not a long-term person,Mainly when the interests are not the same,Some people vote,Pit a bunch of people,Then get a few million to tens of millions and leave。
Qin Feng can’t do anything in this situation,This is where Qin Feng feels a bit tangled。
I didn’t understand before the sky light,Why does Qin Feng insist on that?,Now he is reacting。
Qin Feng considered these things,This is not a simple matter。
thought long time,Both are a bit helpless。
It’s not that simple。The sky light also sighed helplessly。
“Forget it,Let’s deal with the fields first?”Qin Feng also knows that some things are useless if you think too much,Might as well be straightforward。
Will also understand,What to do anyway,Qin Feng will do it well。
Qin Feng called Yunxiang directly,Those who are willing to sell fields,That’s also direct sales,If not willing,forget about it。
Because today is the last day。
of course,Qin Feng is naturally impossible to say business,Because this field cannot be bought or sold,Can only be rented。