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To know,Buy Japanese yen on the international foreign exchange market,It’s not just US dollars,After all, the yen as an international reserve currency,Must promise to be freely convertible with the currencies of all other countries。

In this way,Qiao Tianyu’s available trading funds,It is no longer limited to the mere hundreds of billions of dollars in the hands of the five major Wall Street investment banks and a group of international hedge funds.,But became the currency of all countries in the world,The scale of transaction funds has expanded more than several times?
This is exactly what Qiao Tianyu’s real significance in forming this United Nations currency force!
I understand Qiao Tianyu thoroughly“Hard work”Rear,All the investment leaders present also understand“Now or never”The truth,I couldn’t wait to issue trading instructions to my trading officer.。
“Goldman Sachs trading seat,All3000Billion dollars in transaction funds,International foreign exchange market,Yen pay,kill!”
“Merrill Lynch Trading Seat,All2500Billion-dollar trading seats,International foreign exchange market,Yen pay,kill!”
“Quantum Fund Seat.”
The entire trading floor has been completely called“kill”Full of sound,The five major Wall Street investment banks and a number of international hedge funds present have all sold out all their trading funds,Crazy buying Japanese yen in the international foreign exchange market。
influenced by,Japanese yen buying orders in the international foreign exchange market burst out like torrents,The amount of unbalanced purchase orders from3000One hundred million U.S. dollars,Rose quickly to5000Billion,8000Billion,1Trillion,1.2Trillion.
With the blowout of yen paying,Follow-up investors who have just been scared off by the Bank of Japan’s crazy orders have also gained confidence again,Killed back again with huge transaction funds,Began to sell the yen frantically to pay。
And follow-up investors join,It also accelerated the selling speed of yen buying orders.,The amount of unflattened Japanese yen buying orders in the international foreign exchange market began to show exponential growth,Quickly from1.2Trillion,increase to1.6Trillion,2Trillion,2.5Trillion,3Trillion.
At this moment,Mr. Tanaka, who is located in the trading command hall of the Bank of Japan, has already been completely shocked by the crazy scene in the international foreign exchange market.。
Just now Mr. Tanaka held all of the Bank of Japan’s3.4Complacent with trillions of dollars in yen reserves,I thought I could win。
Because according to Mr. Tanaka’s calculation,Even the five major Wall Street investment banks and a large number of international hedge funds,Add up all their trading funds,But in2About trillion dollars,Within the Bank of Japan3.4Trillion yen reserves are enough to deal with!
of course,This is actually the reason why Mr. Tanaka dared just now“Be in danger”,Resolutely take over the international foreign exchange market“Mess”s reason。