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Yes,Chen Geng suddenly reacted:Suppressing acquisition targets through malicious means is simply a glorious tradition of GM,It doesn’t seem strange that they use this trick on themselves。

think carefully,I have a flourishing government and military business in my handsAM General,JustHMMVBusiness is enough to makeAM GeneralTurn over a lot of profits to the parent company every year,Not to mention that with the few models that I provide,AMCMarket sales are rapidly rising,The Mexican production base has also started……Not surprisingly,Years laterAMCWill become a large automobile manufacturing group with an annual production capacity of over one million vehicles,Take advantage ofAMCWhen it is about to take off but not take offAMCSnatch it,It’s really a great deal,And encourageAMCOf unions organize workers to go on strike,It is undoubtedly the simplest but most effective suppressionAMCThe way。
The only thing GM miscalculated、Or it’s missing,I’m afraid they didn’t expect to be so tough even if they lived or died,He would rather pay for himself than bow his head to the striking workers,That’s all,On the contrarythinkcenterThe hot sales have given me enough to fight workers’ strikes“ammunition”,Now GM is completely numb。
First552chapter Write off
? Ivan·Calluso didn’t know that Chen Geng had already passed all these thoughts,He looked at Chen Geng nervously,It’s like a prisoner in court waiting for the judge’s final sentence。
“Do three things for me,”Ivan·Caruso watched nervously,Chen Geng spoke slowly:“As long as you do three things for me,This matter was wiped out,I won’t trouble you anymore,Won’t let you pay for my loss……rest assured,I won’t let you kill people or anything,What you do is what you do。”
Ivan·Caluso is not happy,in contrast,One of his face instantly wrinkled into bitter gourd:This condition is the most difficult。But he dare not refuse,This one dared2000The cruel man who throws ten thousand dollars into the water without blinking his eyes,I had to say with a bitter face:“What do you let me do?I……I don’t know if it can be done……”
“If you can’t,I’ll pay again500Wan for you。”
Chen Geng’s tone is calm and quiet,Koivan·Caluso shivered.:Send again500Wan to myself?Is to give yourself a value500Ten thousand dollars、Can you kill your own bullet??
Ivan·Caruso knows too well,Don’t say500Ten thousand U.S. dollars,Even if Chen Geng is only willing to come out100Ten thousand dollars or even50Ten thousand U.S. dollars,There are also a lot of people who are willing to shoot their heads,500Ten thousand U.S. dollars?I really see myself too much。
“I……I……Please say。”
Ivan·Caruso is crying,Wiped the sweat from his forehead,Unexpectedly——You can count on how good a broker who lingers in feasting and drunkenness all day long can have?
Chen Geng didn’t sell Guanzi,Said:“the first thing,The Pentagon recently prepared to purchase a batch of personal computers,approximately5000station,I want you to find a way to increase the purchase amount to6000station,And this business must be given to me,how about it?
Ok,The total amount of this business is only1000Ten thousand dollars,You made a big deal。”(Wrong,Written as2Billion dollars,It has been modified,Please forgive me brothers)
Not difficult?
Ivan·Caruso feels like he is about to cry:Of course he knows about the Pentagon’s recent plans to purchase a batch of personal computers,The purchase quantity is approximately5000station,IBM、apple、DEC、Wang An Computer is eyeing this big business,especiallyIBM,Have long regarded this business as something in my own pocket,But now,Mr. Fernandez wanted to let himself find a way to give him this business?
“how?Unwilling?”Chen Geng raised his eyebrows。
“Do not……Is not,”Ivan·Caluso gritted his teeth,He knew he couldn’t refuse,I’m bachelor now,Isn’t this what I do on weekdays?:“thinkcenterGood reviews in the market,So the chance must be a bit,But sir,I have to remind you too,Your relationship and energy in the military、Lobbying ability is far inferiorIBM,If you want to get this order,The price paid is definitely better thanIBMwant more,And it’s a lot more。”