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“Yes!Sister Qiuhong said

He pays,how much is it?We are out!Why do you insult people!”Zhou Min took advantage of the situation and got into coach Xiao Hu。
At this moment,John Zhang reacted,Curse in my heart,“Oh shit!The action is slow!Was preempted by these two girls!”
He knows very well,The value of young people in this continent,Nothing else,Just by this punch,This kid has a lot to dig,And he’s still a poor boy,Just give him a little benefit,It’s easy to get close。
Unfortunately one step too late,Zhu Qiuhong showed her favor,If John Zhang is on now,Just a little deliberately。
Coach Xiao Hu is not polite to Lu Menglin,That’s because he despised this Cengfan,As for the two beautiful clients,He didn’t dare to offend casually,Had to open his mouth,Vinono,I don’t know what to say。
“Don’t live here,Come with us!I’ll find you a job!”Zhu Qiuhong helps others to the end,Simply speak loudly。
She said,The eyes of the people around suddenly became a little intriguing。
“Isn’t Zhu Qiuhong the boy??”
“Hard to say,Although this kid looks mediocre,But good skills!Maybe Miss Lan is just like this。”
“This looks is still plain and unremarkable?Are you afraid that you have a misunderstanding of mediocrity?!Don’t look at your own virtue!So embarrassed to say others!”
All kinds of discussions came from all around,Someone envy,Someone jealous,Someone sympathizes,Anyway, there are reactions。
Zhu Qiuhong also reacted at this moment,Sinking face to speak:“He is strong,People young,It’s more than enough to be a stand-in in the station。”
Zhou Min nodded quickly:“Yes!Yes!Sister Qiuhong introduced,He must be fine。”
The two answered this question,Just talk to yourself,Explained the misunderstanding to others。
Lu Menglin shook his head and smiled bitterly,I thought the misunderstanding this time was big!
People regard themselves as a helpless mainland boy,This is to save me in the deep water。
If Nan Ge knew that his gym was used as a fire pit,I don’t know if I can cry or laugh。
but,This Zhu Qiuhong has a good heart,Cold face,Xia Bone Rou Chang,I can make friends。