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As a result of this currency war,Mexico successfully maintained the peso exchange rate,Maintained national financial security,Huaxia also saved the family。

And Qiao Tianyu also successfully broke through the predicament under Sato Junji,While protecting the safety of Huaxia Finance,Also gained the trust of Sanchez。
But today everyone is still in the clouds,Doubtful,Don’t know what happened?
Didn’t Sanchez want Qiao Tianyu to attack the peso exchange rate??
Why did Sanchez turn to protect the peso exchange rate in the end??
China is not paying for the railway in western Mexico300Billion dollars??
His mysterious500What’s the matter with the billion-dollar credit?
As for the International Monetary FundIMFWhat the hell is it,Why it ran out and kicked?
Can’t figure it out,Everyone can’t figure out what happened!
They have to grab Qiao Tianyu and ask,Qiao Tianyu can’t help it,Had to recruit truthfully。
Actually played Sato Junji,It’s not Qiao Tianyu,Sanchez!
All this has to start with the Mexican election。
1994Years since,Peasant riots and the assassination of presidential candidates in Mexico,Chaos in Mexico。