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Lu Menglin smiled in his heart,The Wudang School’s visualization technique is really amazing,I was distracted and visualized last night,Although not sleeping,But still full of energy,Don’t say one night,Even if you stay up for three nights,Also not afraid。

“Your business level is average!Gay,How much do you earn a month’s salary?”Not only did Lu Menglin not collapse,Instead, he smiled and asked。
The older black suit was surprised,Look even more ugly。
Chapter four hundred and fourteen Falsehood
“Why are you asking this?”But the black suit couldn’t help but ask。
“How about I send you hundreds of thousands,Don’t ask me anything,Okay?Anyway, you are alone,No one knows。”Lu Menglin said with a smile。
The older black suit heard this,As if he had suffered a great shame,Screamed:“Bullshit!You want to bribe me?This is never possible!”
“right?You see how old you are?You are not willing to accept bribes,Jiang Zhou’s official position should be more than you!He will only accept bribes if his brain smokes!Haha!right?”Lu Menglin smiled。
The older black suit was so angry that his mouth was crooked,I didn’t know how to pick up this for a while。
“Actually you don’t accept bribes,It’s not really clean,Because you are a fan,You want to continue to be promoted,Right?”Lu Menglin laughed and stimulated the other side。
“you,You talk nonsense!”The older black suit was in his heart,There was a panic on my face。
“Then I can’t figure it out,You don’t want to get rich,Don’t want to get promoted,Why are you biting Jiang Zhou so hard??He offended you?”Lu Menglin shook his head and smiled。
The black suit is short of words,Thinking a bit confused。
“How about this!Just make one step,Do you want evidence of Jiang Zhou??Although I really didn’t bribe,But if you must,Then i can help you too,Tell me the number!
We made the confession,The numbers are aligned,Did I admit it,You can go back to the company?And you promise not to trouble me in the future?”Lu Menglin smiled。