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There is a constant flow of traffic on the wide Shennan Avenue,In front of the bus stop not far away,Seven or eight young people like students are waiting for the bus。

Lu Menglin strode towards the platform,I made an appointment with my mother on the phone to wait at this bus stop。
Soon,A bus coming from the east approached the platform,Stopped。
Mom walked off the bus,See son,Full of excitement。
“mom,You take a taxi!How tired the bus。”Lu Menglin shook his head and smiled bitterly。
Mom said cheerfully:“Nonsense,Not tired at all。It’s good to take a bus,Can watch the scenery slowly,I got on the car at the stop where Comrade Xiaoping was portrait,The scenery along the way is beautiful,The deep city is so beautiful!”
“right?After that we move here?The winter here is very warm,Bring grandma over。”Lu Menglin smiled。
Mom nodded,Tao:“Can consider it。But you have to wait until your dad has done the whole thing about Liufang。Your project is launched,Everyone in Liufang is very motivated now,Everyone’s fighting spirit is high,It’s like back to the year,that’s nice。”
Mom’s tone is full of pride,Youzi so,What do you want。
She suddenly remembered the night before she left,Couple eating at home,Husband drank a little wine,Then flushed,Went around in the living room a few times around the old wife。
“Who is the hero of the world,Cao Liu!Childbearing is like Sun Zhongmou!I have a tiger,Don’t lose Sun Zhongmou!”
Dad’s drunken talk,Has been deeply imprinted in my mother’s heart,Son’s change,Not only has their little family undergone earth-shaking changes,Even make the whole Liufang look completely new。
So good,Parenthood,Be proud。
Beep!Beep!Two piercing whistle sounds came from behind the bus stop。
A beautiful green coupe slowly stopped in front of the bus stop,That elegant body line,There is also a car logo on the front that is not familiar to the public,Successfully attracted the attention of many people。
Car window roll down,An expensive middle-aged woman poked her head out,High voice:“Chunqin,Here!”