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however,Didn’t wait for him to react,Wu Hao ten meters away,Did another incredible thing。

The white tiger armor on Wu Hao suddenly ejected and flew high,The jet booster on his back is fully fired,Rushed to over 100 meters,Still flying。
Everyone present did not expect,Wu Hao would make such tactical moves!
What he wanna do?Many people have a big question mark in their hearts。
The white-haired man and the black-clad man were also stunned,The two were dumbfounded,Staring at Wu Hao flying higher and higher,Suddenly there was a sense of helplessness that was breathtaking。
“What is he doing?”The black man couldn’t help but ask,Because he really can’t understand,What does Wu Hao want to do。
The white-haired person is also dumbfounded,Open mouth,It took a while to say:“Does he want to surrender on the Daizong ship??Does this save a bit of face?”
The voice has not fallen,The black-haired man and the white-haired man were shocked at the same time,Realized what Wu Hao wanted to do!
“He wants to board the Daizong ship!”The white-haired man blurted out。
“chase!”The black armor is even more furious,Rushed to the sky like crazy。
In an instant,Two powerful enemies,Two advanced armors,At the same time,Turn into two streams of black and gray,Bit the tail of the white tiger’s armor,Chased it desperately。
The others below were dumbfounded,I didn’t respond for a long time,Wait until Hu Lin is relieved,The three have soared all the way to the sky,Approaching Daizong ship。
Gao Dajin below suddenly understood,Shouted:“fast!Come on!Save them back!”
He shouted,Other talents suddenly realized,Master Wuhao took the Dai Zong ship directly,It’s actually a coup to encircle Wei and save Zhao。
If he can seize control of the Daizong ship,The crisis in the sandstorm city below solves itself,And taking advantage of the gap between those two masters chasing him,Hurry up and save Tu Shanming and Hu Lin!
With the appearance of Lord Wuhao,This trick,Suddenly the whole dragon fell,The original passive situation where Sandstorm City must lose,Finally a little loose。
just,The premise of headwind,Because Wu Hao was able to attack the Dai Zong ship,And seize control,The worst,Also destroy the Dai Zong ship from the inside,So as not to continue to pose a threat。
but,Wu Hao alone,Can you really do this??