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“Thank you。”

James·Cameron and Linda·Hamilton hurriedly thanked Chen Geng with a happy face,Although Americans don’t like outsiders to interfere in their private affairs,but no matter,Congratulations from Chen Geng,Two people are still very happy。
And James·Cameron、Linda·Hamilton finished,Chen Geng turned his head and looked at Schwarzenegger,Smiled:“Arnold,Congratulations,from now on,You are the number one superstar in Hollywood。”
Schwarzenegger in red,But scratching his head embarrassedly,Laughed hehe,But he still said modestly:“It’s allbossYour credit,if there is notbossyour support,There won’t be my today。”
“Has little to do with me,”Chen Geng chuckles:“This is your own skill。”
Humble,But Schwarzenegger is still quite proud:Yes,starting today,I,Arnold·Schwarzenegger,Is the number one action superstar in Hollywood,《Terminator2》Completely laid me arnold·Schwarzenegger’sBgrid,Who is not convinced……You have the ability to shoot a global box office is expected to exceed9A billion super blockbuster!
Thinking of Fernandez·Mr. Chen and the American media《Terminator2》Will become from1991Year to1994Yearly consecutive4Words of the World Box Office Champion,Schwarzenegger couldn’t help but opened his mouth again:He really doesn’t believe it,In these four years,What other movie can get more than9Billion in global box office。
Finish talking with Schwarzenegger,Chen Geng looks to Edward·Fulong。
For Edward·Fulong,Chen Geng’s mood is a little bit complicated,on the one hand,He doesn’t want to see a future superstar sink down because he can’t stand the temptation,But on the other hand,According to the situation in these days,This kid faces a huge temptation,Seems to have no intention of controlling oneself at all,This made Chen Geng a little disappointed:If you have that will,Of course I can help you,But if you yourself just like to be a pile of mud that can’t support the wall,Why should i help you?but……
Chen Geng still wants to give Edward·Fulong a chance。
Looking at Edward·Fulong,Chen Geng’s tone is very gentle:“Edward……”
“Mr,What’s your order?”
Relative to Cameron、Linda·Hamilton and Schwarzenegger and other people are calm when facing Chen Geng,Teenage edward·Fulong became more nervous when facing Chen Geng……Cameron and others and Chen Geng are old friends who have known each other for nearly ten years,Lovely Dehua·Fulong is just a teenager。
“Don’t be so nervous,We just chat casually,”Chen Geng smiled:“how about it,Become a celebrity that the whole world follows、How fame and fortune feel?”
“This one……well,”Although I don’t quite understand why Chen Geng asked himself this question,But Edward·Fulong still couldn’t help showing a happy smile on his face,Also,Is it a teenager after all?:“I have never felt like this,But i feel good,Mr。”